Corona distancing in Berlin on Palm Sunday 5 April 2020

Defy the panic, keep it safe and get back to normal soon

One cannot defy a virus, but one can and must defy the panic and that standstill that is dragging us into a recession that will prove a much traumatic experience for a huge part of the society, eventually everyone. I hope that a week of good Easter weather will show that the spike in the spread of the virus has nothing to do with people willing to get back to normal.

EU in my life

EU in my life. Thinking big

I am a European, and proud of it. Now, 69 years after the first European treaty was signed amid the smouldering ruins after World War 2, the EU is still a novel and unique form of governance. No group of countries have ever agreed on a union as real and attractive as the EU. I hope this five to seven-minute read gives an idea of how much the EU really means to someone like me.