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The aim of my services is to create value that contributes to your business, its reputation and results. The engine of my services is my experience and passion to get things done.

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  • Book production & publishing
  • Digital content and channel management
  • Analytical problem solver
  • MBA in public affairs (2018—2019)
  • 20 years in communications, of which 13 in corporate communications
  • Regional experience: lived, worked and studied in Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Germany

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Check out my book production management service. I call it BOOKPILOT. It includes guidance through the book production process and managing it as a book production project. I will help you plan, find and manage professional services, and provide tools and platforms for producing and promoting a book. BookPilot helps authors establish the infrastructure essential for marketing and sales. 

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Romania Lockdown

Stay Home, Order Online, Adapt

What lessons are we likely to draw from the recent lockdown limbo now that life is slowly turning back to normal? Will it be all the way back to normal, including the complacency of dominant market players never short of eager customers? Romanian marketing consultant Olimpia-Elena Andronic believes we, both the public and businesses, have become more supportive, empathetic and adaptable. In a piece on business communication in Romania during the pandemic, she presents new emotions that replaced smug confidence usual for business commercials before the crisis.

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Latvia's response to COVID19 crisis has helped to rein in the spread and find a way to build national identity

Latvia spots identity middle ground while keeping a lid on COVID19

Latvia, a small country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, has so far been one of the least affected by the virus. Foreign Policy is looking into the phenomenon. Here is my take-away from the article. It appears that a medical crisis has helped Latvia resolve its identity crisis and enhanced the public’s sense of safety, as well as the feeling that the national government cares about its citizens.

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A Stockholm bar open during COVID19 crisis

Post-lockdown Sweden healthier than the rest of Europe

Slowly entering a post-lockdown phase, one starts to assess the costs of the antivirus measures. Sweden is expected to limit the damage its economy will inevitably suffer due to the post-COVID19 recession. The country is unique in Europe not only due to its “easy” lockdown but also because of some much more fundamental choices nearly impossible for most other countries to replicate.

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