Book production and publishing
Corporate communications
Content management
Project management
Assistance in public affairs analysis


The aim of my services is to create value that contributes to your business, its reputation and results. The engine of my services is my experience and passion to get things done.

How may I be relevant to your business or organisation? 

  • Book production & publishing
  • Digital content and channel management
  • Analytical problem solver
  • MBA in public affairs (2018—2019)
  • 20 years in communications, of which 13 in corporate communications
  • Regional experience: lived, worked and studied in Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Germany

Publishing Manager

Book production

My book production management service is called Dayreads. It includes book production, book publishing, and reaching out to reviewers and buyers. Our customers get support and guidance throughout the process, take advantage of Dayreads’ promotion tools, and are assigned a complimentary ISBN.

Dayreads helps authors kick off the wheels of book production and promotion and keep them turning. 

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