My name is Dimitri Alehins and I am a freelance communications consultant based in Berlin. My 20-year experience in communications will help your organisation make your word work for you, cutting through the chaos of confusing content. Make sure to take advantage of my debut offer, free trial, no strings attached. Here is what I offer:


Corporate communications and strategy
Content creation and management
Project management
Assistance in public affairs analysis


The aim of my services is to create value that contributes to your business, its reputation and results. The engine of my services is my experience and passion to get things done.

How may I be relevant to your business or organisation? 

  • Leadership support
  • Digital content and channel management
  • Analytical problem solver
  • MBA in public affairs (2018—2019)
  • 20 years in communications, of which 13 in corporate communications
  • Regional experience: lived, worked and studied in Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Germany

Check out my offer.

Content Production, Project Management, International Communications

Take advantage of
my debut offer

Free trial: up to three assignments or a month. The scope and lengths are negotiable and depend on the complexity and length of the intended engagement. 

Discount 50% on complex and lengthy engagements. 

Standard fee: EUR 80 per hour + VAT

Years in communications
of work life -
in communications
News, Stories,
Blog posts
Days on Projects

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COVID-19: Swedes are prone to listen to recommendation but still socialising

Sweden: No one is alone in this crisis. Act like adults—no panic and no rumours

Sweden has so far been just as much affected by COVID-19 as most other countries in Europe, but it has also been an exception from the rule, hesitating to impose a lockdown and paralyse the economy and social life as it has been done elsewhere due to the epidemic. What is different in Sweden now has been different for years: The Swedes trust their government and are “prone to listen to recommendations.”

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Coal is dying

Coal uneconomic by 2030, a report predicts

A think tank’s report reveals that coal power is dying across the world. That’s the main message we are getting nowadays. After two decades of fuelling China’s astonishing rise as a world economy super powerhouse and exceeding 4 billion tonnes in consumption, coal is giving way to renewables. COVID-19 alone has slashed China’s coal burning by 25 percent.

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