Dimitri Alehins

Dimitri Alehins is a communications professional, content & project management.

COVID-19: Swedes are prone to listen to recommendation but still socialising

Sweden: No one is alone in this crisis. Act like adults—no panic and no rumours

Sweden has so far been just as much affected by COVID-19 as most other countries in Europe, but it has also been an exception from the rule, hesitating to impose a lockdown and paralyse the economy and social life as it has been done elsewhere due to the epidemic. What is different in Sweden now has been different for years: The Swedes trust their government and are “prone to listen to recommendations.”

Coal is dying

Coal uneconomic by 2030, a report predicts

A think tank’s report reveals that coal power is dying across the world. That’s the main message we are getting nowadays. After two decades of fuelling China’s astonishing rise as a world economy super powerhouse and exceeding 4 billion tonnes in consumption, coal is giving way to renewables. COVID-19 alone has slashed China’s coal burning by 25 percent.

EU in my life

EU in my life. Thinking big

I am a European, and proud of it. Now, 69 years after the first European treaty was signed amid the smouldering ruins after World War 2, the EU is still a novel and unique form of governance. No group of countries have ever agreed on a union as real and attractive as the EU. I hope this five to seven-minute read gives an idea of how much the EU really means to someone like me.

Making my words work. A journey in comms.

My wordworks

This is about my very personal journey: what brought me to communications, through experience, shifts and turns, from earlier years up until recently. Comms doesn’t tolerate a standstill. Transformation, change, innovation are the only constant. And you go all out and run for dear life just to keep up with it.