Year: 2017

Writing Sample Alehins Espoo Metro Line

Espoo – The metro is not just a line

On 18 November, Finland’s metropolitan region received its West Metro, the extension of the Helsinki subway line into Espoo, the capital’s most populous satellite city. The 14-kilometre extension has eight stations and, in a number of years, will add seven more kilometres of track and five new stations further westward.

Writing Sample Alehins Interview Jorma Ollila

Jorma Ollila: Nordics stand to gain hugely on closer energy cooperation

The Nordics are living proof that a green transition can happen without compromising economic growth. However, in order to tap the huge potential in energy, the countries need to step up cooperation and build peer dialogue in political decision-making, says Jorma Ollila, the former Nokia CEO and the author of a recently published report, in an interview with the NIB Newsletter.